Notre incroyable histoire, du terroir à Montmartre


It starts ?

"This project was my dream"

Guillaume Verlet, Co-Founder

Our Story

AMONĒ It's the cordon bleu from grandma's in the heart of Montmartre.

Amonē is the story of two friends with a passion for cooking, who wanted to rediscover the fragrance of their childhood memories through a cult french product: le cordon bleu.

Fresh, quality products, highlighting the work of producers, will help you rediscover the taste of this classic of our french gastronomy.


The kitchen

A stone's throw from Montmartre s Amonē, a restaurant with authentic, cutting-edge, committed cordon bleu cuisine, run by Guillaume Verlet and Pierre Renaud, two young self-taught chefs aged 28 and 29. Both of them take great pleasure in reinterpreting pure tradition to offer a revisited, modern cuisine.

Gourmet and generous, in the shape of ballottines, our homemade cordon bleu are made exclusively with fresh, high-quality ingredients, and will bring back the true taste of cordon bleu from "chez mamie" in the heart of Paris. With their innovative, seasonal recipes, they're sure to satisfy the greatest number of customers, with a French terroir brought up to date!

Focused on lunchtime takeaways, gourmets will now be able to step back into childhood for a meal through innovative cordon bleu recipes.

Testimonial of


It's a product that my grandmother used to make for me and my brother ever since we were little. Whenever we went to grandma's house, we'd ask her for cordons bleus, and we'd fight to choose the biggest ones for every meal. I've always wanted to set up my own restaurant, but I wanted a place where I could make my own food. strong, innovative concept. This concept has been under my nose for 20 years without really paying attention to it, and now my goal is to share this passion with those who enjoy our cuisine!

Testimonial of


Ever since I arrived in Paris, I'd been looking for a comforting French takeaway that could easily be eaten on the street or in the office.
I felt the need to rediscover the comfort of meals at my grandmothers' in the "big city", so when I met Guillaume and we talked about this project, I said "Come on": make quality homemade cordon bleu to go!